Hi, I’m Peter. I am a composer and programmer.

I started doing music at age 5 where I was lucky enough to attend an elementary school with a Suzuki program. I played a few instruments including horn, cello, piano, and voice through my years leading up to college. In high school, I began arranging music for my band and orchestra and this lead to an interest, and later, a passion for composition. I am interested in writing for small chamber ensembles and full symphonic orchestra.

In middle school, I took an animation summer camp one year where I was introduced to Scratch. Although my animation career didn’t take off, I became interested in programming. I have particular interest in the Python language but I am experienced in C, HTML and CSS, Javascript, and Java. I started toying with a Raspberry Pi in high school and I have become a fluent user of Linux and especially experienced in setting up a web applications.

I hope to work with other passionate people and create great things.