January 2016

Happy New Year!
I am starting this year off with starting piano lessons. It’s probably not a good thing that I have gotten this far without them but hopefully they will boost me further in my career. I also wanted to start releasing new compositions every two weeks. However, between school (especially with all my upcoming English essays), work, an a cappella ensemble, and now piano practice, I unfortunately think my output of music is going to decrease instead. But I am hopeful this time will allow me to hone my skills for a better return.
I looked through a few of my older posts and realized that I have left a few things up in the air. I’m not sure if I will return to them as it is difficult for me to go back to older music. The only one I’m likely to work on is Pok√©mon Journey.
I have completed the new server move. Its kind of interesting how I have gone from free online web services to now paying for it all. I definitely do like the control and flexibility it gives me.
Finally, I’m not sure what to say is coming up considering whenever I do, it never releases. But I am definitely sure I will have something new within a month sometime. (That unfortunately didn’t happen. I’ll probably write another post about that.)

See ya!

Peter DeVita

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