March 2015

Haven’t updated in while! (Although I think the last update has the wrong year)

Been working on my python coding skills, getting pretty good. I haven’t written anything major, just odd scripts to help the website usually.

I am, as always, getting better at piano. I have no idea how to define where I am at but I am playing harder and harder songs so that is good.

I did a giant rewrite of my Pokemon Symphony piece last week. It adds a lot more variety in style as well as now covering all six (current) regions. It is also not 10 minutes! I will upload a sample once I am a little farther in cleaning. I have also started working directly with the VSTs (considering I won’t have a live ensemble in the real world) and did a orchestration of a piece from Katawa Shoujo which will get released as soon as I can move time to it from Pokemon Symphony.

And that’s about it for right now! I will probably add more later but I am running out of time to write this.

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