The Future…

Been a while huh?

It’s been over four years since I last posted (my theme doesn’t display dates but I’m writing this on October 2, 2022). In this time, I’ve completed my degree in music composition, almost finished my degree in computer science, moved three times, and seen a lot of people come and go. Some things change, some things don’t.

This website has been sort of superseded as I have improved at my web skillz. You can now find my main page of work at I’m also planning to write my new blog on top of that platform, it’s probably be at, which may or may not be there when you see this.

This website will stay up to preserve this era in my website journey, but it probably won’t get updated much. I might come on every now and then to update it or fix things in case they break, but it will largely be left as is.

I have a few different ideas for blog posts, but they’ll probably be held on to until the new platform is up. This might be the last words on this site, but it’s not goodbye!


P.S. For my even earlier website than this one, check out

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