Update September 2013

Its been a while since I last posted so let me detail what has happened since then!

The programming page got columns to better display the icons. There will be certain other upgrades on the back-end to make uploading projects easier.

Originally I was going to upload and embed each song on the music page separately but instead I decided to use SoundCloud as it is a ton easier and is faster than loading from my server.

The page has been moved to a Raspberry Pi! I am running Wheezy Linux and Monkey HTTP web server. Its a little slower than I’d like but the uptime is much better than 1freehosting.com.

And that’s it! Hopefully, I will upload more video and music!

Until then, See ya!


EDIT: The new server doesn’t support WordPress’s pretty permalinks. However, I found it does support the post name structure so I switched to that. Much better than the page id.

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