January 2016

Happy New Year!
I am starting this year off with starting piano lessons. It’s probably not a good thing that I have gotten this far without them but hopefully they will boost me further in my career. I also wanted to start releasing new compositions every two weeks. However, between school (especially with all my upcoming English essays), work, an a cappella ensemble, and now piano practice, I unfortunately think my output of music is going to decrease instead. But I am hopeful this time will allow me to hone my skills for a better return.
I looked through a few of my older posts and realized that I have left a few things up in the air. I’m not sure if I will return to them as it is difficult for me to go back to older music. The only one I’m likely to work on is Pok√©mon Journey.
I have completed the new server move. Its kind of interesting how I have gone from free online web services to now paying for it all. I definitely do like the control and flexibility it gives me.
Finally, I’m not sure what to say is coming up considering whenever I do, it never releases. But I am definitely sure I will have something new within a month sometime. (That unfortunately didn’t happen. I’ll probably write another post about that.)

See ya!

Peter DeVita

November 2015

Things are going pretty well. I have started college at the University of Central Florida. I plan to study music composition and computer science and I am very excited about both of them. Currently, I have written two pieces for my music technology class and one more in the work. The first one is available on the music page. The second one is for live instruments and will hopefully be recorded in the coming months. The final one is being scored for a short film and will be released mid-December.

Unfortunately, I have pushed back Pokemon Journey and my own compositions, but hopefully my practice in music tech should make for a better product.

On the coding side of things, not much has happened so far. I have been toying with redesigning the website’s theme, making my own note taking program, and doing statistics on my university’s buses but not much has happened yet.

Finally, my current hosting provider, the HP Helion project, will be kicking me off in a few months so the website will be back on the road again, as I try to find another good hosting provider. It’s a shame I cannot seem to find cheap but steady and fast hosting. This will be the fourth move for the site and I am getting a bit tired of this now.

Hopefully the next time I write will be the release of another song or application!

Until then,
Peter DeVita

March 2015

Haven’t updated in while! (Although I think the last update has the wrong year)

Been working on my python coding skills, getting pretty good. I haven’t written anything major, just odd scripts to help the website usually.

I am, as always, getting better at piano. I have no idea how to define where I am at but I am playing harder and harder songs so that is good.

I did a giant rewrite of my Pokemon Symphony piece last week. It adds a lot more variety in style as well as now covering all six (current) regions. It is also not 10 minutes! I will upload a sample once I am a little farther in cleaning. I have also started working directly with the VSTs (considering I won’t have a live ensemble in the real world) and did a orchestration of a piece from Katawa Shoujo which will get released as soon as I can move time to it from Pokemon Symphony.

And that’s about it for right now! I will probably add more later but I am running out of time to write this.